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The IdentityNow Platform REST APIs allow you to build your own applications, web sites, and tools that take advantage of IdentityNow’s data, features, and flows. The APIs follow a familiar RESTful standard, using query and path parameters, request/response headers, and JSON request/response bodies.

Supported Endpoints

Supported endpoints will continue to expand over time to cover more features and functionality. Check back periodically for updates. To request a feature or endpoint, report a bug, or get help with any of the supported APIs listed, please go to the IdentityNow Community in Compass.

Beta Endpoints

IdentityNow also offers a subset of Beta APIs for your use. To determine if an endpoint is currently in Beta,  look for the string [BETA] in the API path.

When using Beta APIs, keep the following in mind:

We’re making these available to you for exploration and prototyping while we continue to develop the functionality.

You can submit feedback and suggestions for improvement at IdentityNow Community in Compass…

To request assistance or report a defect, you can log a support case. Support requests related to Beta APIs will be categorized as Sev2 or below.

During the Beta period for any API be prepared for performance and system responsiveness to fluctuate as we continue to make improvements.

Legacy Endpoints

To view legacy endpoints, please refer to this Compass Article